Short fiction:

‘The Venetian Glass Girl’ in New Tales of Fairy Godmothers anthology, World Weaver Press, April 2022 (listen to an extract here)

‘First Breath’ in Optopia Zine, May 2021

‘Help!! My daughter won’t stop catching on fire!’ in Fiction on the Web, July 2021

‘Etiquette (and Warfare) for the Modern Swamp Monster’ 365 Tomorrows, April 2021

‘The Cult of Huggy Hamster’ Pulp Modern Flash, October 2020


‘Sestina for a Lost Planet’ in Eye to the Telescope’ Magazine issue 45, July 2022

‘Shiversleep’ in Nymphs Publications, January 2021

‘Aftershock’ in Nymphs Publications, July 2020

Drabbles (100-word stories):

‘Form and Function’ in Martian Magazine issue 7, November 2022 and online.

‘The Coal Ghosts’ in Drabbledark Volume II, Shacklebound Press, June 2022

‘Captain’s Log’ in The Deep anthology, Ghost Orchid Press, July 2021

‘Fleeing the Nest’ in Hundred Word Horror, Home from Ghost Orchid Press, February 2021

‘Celestial Game’ in Dark Moments online and Year Two Anthology, Black Hare Press, August 2020

‘Hunger’ and ‘A Stone-Cold Scam’ in Ancients: A Dark Microfiction Anthology, Black Hare Press, August 2020