Abi Marie Palmer, writer

Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Abi and I’m a speculative fiction writer from the UK. If you share my love of misfit monsters, melancholy fairy-tales and poetic justice then you are in the right place.

A lonely artist, a fairy outcast, an incredible girl…

Read my story “The Venetian Glass Girl” in Kate Wolford’s fairy-tale anthology from World Weaver Press. Available on Amazon UK and US.

Listen to an extract here.

Fiction Online:

A swamp

Etiquette (and Warfare) for the Modern Swamp Monster

As their swamp lands are destroyed, swamp monsters must adapt to big city life.

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A burning house

Help!! My daughter won’t stop catching on fire!

A hassled mum struggles as her adolescent daughter develops a peculiar condition…

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Some mushrooms photographed in sepia

First Breath

In a dystopian city where even breathing costs money, Nat just wants to keep her head down and survive. Her girlfriend, Clove, is determined to fight for change.

Read in Optopia Zine issue 3.

A slide in an abandoned playground

The Cult of Huggy Hamster

Eleanor’s children start acting very strangely around their colourful, cuddly… rather hypnotic Huggy Hamster toys.

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