Abi Marie Palmer, speculative fiction writer

Hi, welcome to my website. I write science fiction, fantasy and horror about fantastical, sometimes dystopian worlds and the medley of misfits who live there. Check out some of my favourite stories below:

A lonely artist, a fairy outcast, an incredible girl…

Read my story “The Venetian Glass Girl” in Kate Wolford’s fairy-tale anthology from World Weaver Press. Available on Amazon UK and US.

Fiction Online:

Form and Function

Jake struggles to achieve his dreams in a dystopian future.

A swamp

Etiquette (and Warfare) for the Modern Swamp Monster

As their swamp lands are destroyed, swamp monsters must adapt to big city life.

A burning house

Help!! My daughter won’t stop catching on fire!

A hassled mum struggles as her adolescent daughter develops a peculiar condition.

First Breath

In a dystopian city where even breathing costs money, Nat just wants to keep her head down and survive. Her girlfriend, Clove, is determined to fight for change.

A slide in an abandoned playground

The Cult of Huggy Hamster

Eleanor’s children start acting very strangely around their colourful, cuddly… rather hypnotic Huggy Hamster toys.