Abi Marie Palmer, writer

Hi, my name is Abi, and I write science fiction, fantasy and horror. I love urban legends, cryptids and cheesy monster movies. When I’m not writing, I teach English and look after my gerbils, Zeus and Hades. Come in and have a look around!

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A book cover for 'Etiquette and Warfare for the Modern Swamp Monster' by Abi Marie Palmer

“My name is Slodge the Almighty (although, in the human world, I go by Derek)”

As their beloved swamp lands are destroyed by human activity, formerly powerful swamp monsters have no choice but to move to the big city and get… *shudder*… office jobs.

Read the full story in 365 Tomorrows.

Abi Marie Palmer's story artowork for "Help!! My Daughter Won't Stop Catching on Fire!" a girl on fire in her living room.

“Maddie will NOT stop spontaneously combusting into a swirling pillar of flames”

A hassled mum struggles as her adolescent daughter develops a very peculiar condition…

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Mushrooms in a dome on the cover of "First Breath" by Abi Marie Palmer

“A wasteland of pollution, crime and desperation under the stranglehold of Acriture Corp…”

In a dystopian city where even breathing costs money, Nat just wants to keep her head down and survive. Her girlfriend, Clove, is determined to fight for change.

Read the full story in Optopia Zine issue 3.

“The craze had swept the nation like a plague…”

Eleanor’s children start acting very strangely around their colourful, cuddly… strangely hypnotic Huggy Hamster toys.

Read the full story in Pulp Modern Flash.

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Poetry online

‘Shiversleep’ in Nymphs Publications

‘Aftershock’ in Nymphs Publications

Coming soon…

My short story, ‘The Venetian Glass Girl’, will be featured in Kate Wolford’s ‘New Tales of Fairy Godmothers’ anthology, which is due for release in 2022 from World Weaver Press.