“First Breath”, a climate dystopia story, available now in Optopia Zine.

It’s the perfect time of year for some solarpunk fiction! It’s never been sunnier in Southampton. I’m on half term break from teaching, spending lots of time lounging around, baking and reading some of Loren Eiseley’s nature essays for inspiration. And today is exciting because Optopia Zine were kind enough to publish a climate fiction story I wrote in their beautiful third issue! Optopia is a lovely indie zine for cli-fi, art, nonfiction and other bits and bobs to do with building a better world and caring for the environment.

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“The Cult of Huggy Hamster” in Pulp Modern Flash

I wrote this weird little horror story months ago during the height of lockdown. I was feeling nostalgic for my childhood, when R.L. Stine’s awesome, cheesy Goosebumps books were the coolest, scariest things in the world (those books STILL make me grin, even if the thought of a vampiric poodle doesn’t terrify me the way it used to). This story is my attempt at R.L. Stine for grown-ups.

I’m chuffed that Pulp Modern Flash has picked up the story. Pulp Modern Flash is a brand-new offshoot of the long-running Pulp Modern journal, which is a leading voice in all things crime, horror and noir and is home to many wonderful indie writers. I couldn’t think of a better place for Huggy Hamster.

If you feel like being mildly terrified for five minutes, you can check out my story here.